To really get to know a place, you can't forget about one of the most valuable experiences of travelling, the gastronomy of every destination.

During your holidays in one of our holiday villas in Villalia, you will be able to go to the market to buy some local food to prepare in your equipped kitchen, or go to one of the many local restaurants in the area to try some typical food, or even the new cuisine that gives another view of typical dishes.

One of the attractions of the place is to visit the lively and colourful local markets, full of fruits and vegetables, due to the mild climate of Lanzarote.

If we need to highlight one particular local dish, this is "papas arrugadas", which are boiled potatoes with salt and skin. It is usually served with "mojo", a typical sauce from the Canary Islands. The most popular "mojo" is "mojo picón", red and spicy, but "mojo verde" (more soft taste) is also very appreciated, with parsely, cilantro and other herbs.

Lanzarote's gatronomy, as well as the other Canary Islands's, has an important role in Spanish cuisine, with African, latinamerican and aboriginal influences.

Traditional Canarian dishes are usually abundant and some of the best known are rabbit or kid. In Lanzarote, there is almost no livestock farming, so practically all of the meat is imported from South America or other islands. 

Fish is the main dish of the local gastronomy, as fishing has always been a very important activity in the history of the island. Enjoy tasting swordfish, crabs, tuna, sea bass, lobster, mussels...but also "cherne" the base of Canarian "sancocho", one of the specialities of the local cuisine. We could say that fish and seafood are usually the main courses of this gastronomy, and they are usually served with traditional sauces or "mojo".

if you are enjoying a stay in one of our holiday villas in Villalia, you need to try "cherne" with "papas arrugás", one of the most typical dishes of the area.

At Brisa Marina restaurant, in Playa Blanca, you can try this dish, perfectly cooked and with some beautiful seaviews.

Another typical fish is "vieja", a species of parrot fish that is cooked with olive oil and vinegar without removing the scales.

Strong cheeses are also local products, made from goat milk and are prepared fried, with honey, olives...

It is also very common to eat "gofio", a flour made from corn, wheat or toasted barley, original from the aboriginal culture and which is prepared as a side dish for almost any meal.



Previously, we have talked in this blog about the well known wine of Lanzarote, made from malvasía grapes and similar to Jerez wine, with 17% graduation. It can be the base of the popular and fresh "sangría" or "tinto de verano".




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