Los Hervideros are situated just a few kilometers away from Janubio Saltpans and can be accessed through a narrow road designed by César Manrique on the South-West of the island of Lanzarote. This part of the coast is a result of the combination of the eruptions of Timanfaya (1730-1736) and the strength of the Athlantic Ocean.The quick cooling of lava in contact with water and the erosion of the waves have created this fascinating scenery. It is mesmerizing to watch the strength of the waves hitting these underwater caves connected under the ground. Its name refers to the effect and sounds of boiling water as it is similar to what you can see in this labyrinth of caves as if the ocean hits the walls.

You can visit at any time and for free, but it is advised to visit when there is rough sea, to see how the water "boils" and emerges from the holes creating an incredible natural show. It is often compared to fireworks, as when the water hits the walls it produces an enormous rumble.

It is neccessary to follow the recommendations and do not step out of the path, specially if you visit with children, as the waves hit violently and are unpredictable. You must take into account that you can end up wet, as waves can surprise you with its strength. There are paths well defined to assure a secure visit, as well as balconies and viewpoints to enjoy the effects of the waves.  


hervideros lanzarote
Excursión Hervideros en Lanzarote


This cliffs are part of Los Volcanes Natural Park, therefore, they are protected. There is a parking lot, bins and everything is perfectly signaled. Some other interesting places nearby are Charco de los Clicos or Lago Verde and the typical fishermen town of El Golfo, perfect place to try some fresh fish, as well as Janubio Saltpans.

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