If you have booked a stay in one of Villalia's holiday villas in Lanzarote, or if you are considering other destinations, we will give you a glimpse of some of the most interesting places in this Canary Island. Lanzarote has an incredible nature, and was declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1993.



Papagayo beaches are very close to our holiday villas and are one of the natural treasures in the island. They are considered the best beaches in the island for their turqouise waters and their almost 7 km of white fine sand divided in different beaches and coves. This beaches are a continuation of Timanfaya National Park, which occupies around 40% of the island and is full of craters and geisers, often compared with a lunar landscape.

At Timanfaya you will be able to have a camel ride on "Echadero de Camellos" and see the intense volcanic activity that still exists underground. After this, you can continue to Ruta de los Volcanes and reach the viewpoint at Montaña Rajada, which offers some spectacular views.

Another place with unique views is Mirador del Río, located in the North. It is advised to save at least one hour for this visit. It is one of the most famous creations by Cesar Manrique and it's situated at the top of Risco de Famara, at 474 meters. From this particular point with large windows we can admire Chinijo Islands and the Athlantic Ocean.

We shoul also mention two other creations of Cesar Manrique: Cueva de los Verdes and Jameos del Agua, which the artist described as the most beautiful nightclub in the world. The word "Jameo" has aboriginal origins and refers to the holes that some volcanic coves have when the ceiling falls down. The underground coves and tunnels formed from the eruptions of La Corona volcano where transformed by the artist into a unique scenery of art and nature.

La Cueva de los Verdes was also created by the lava flows of La Corona volcano, a long cave in the natural monument of Malpais de la Corona.

This geological formation creates incredible optical illusions with the combination of the shapes of the rocks and water reflection.

Cesar Manrique Fundation, in Tahiche, Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo or Jardín de Cactus are other creations by Cesar Manrique who was an inspiration for the island. But if we need to mention anything typical of Lanzarote, that would be the traditional white architecture, in contrast to the dark colour of the land. To enjoy and admire this picture, you can visit the towns of Yaiza or Teguise and even the capital, Arrecife.

The ocean, surrounding the whole island is also one of the attractives of the area, not only for watersports but also perfect for a boat trip to watch the island from another point of view in the middle of the Athlantic Ocean.



Whether you are a wine lover or you enjoy nature and are curious about how wine was produced in the island, you need to visit La Geria, the area where most of the wine is still produced and a protected and beautiful landscape in Lanzarote.



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