Lanzarote is an ideal holiday destination for those who love beaches and sun, because of its beautiful sunkissed beaches with the Athlantic and the huge sun hours that we have in the Canary Islands. If you want to sunbathe in the beach, this volcanic island is the perfect place for you. 

One of the advantages of the coast in Lanzarote is the variety and quality of the sand: from long beaches to walk, to hidden beaches to relax or more touristic places with people. Black sand is another special feature of Lanzarote's coast like the ones in El Golfo, altohugh there are many white sand beaches in the island too.

This variety is also seen in the multiple options for those who want to practice nudism or those who like "textile" conventional beaches where you only see people with swim suits.


All of our villas in Villalia have private pool, but if you like the beach, in Lanzarote you have many options.


In this blog of Villalia vacation rental villas we highlight some of the nudist beaches in Lanzarote, so you can choose to go wherever you want and the ones that suit better your life philosophy.

-Charco del Palo is a small beach with rocks and sand in Teguise. It has an area o practice surf and is usually very clean.

It was created from a natural pool which was connected to the sea, that's the reason of its name.

You can find nudists there, as it is surrounded by a naturist neighbourhood.

-Playa de Famara is located in Teguise, and has an extension of almost 3km with sand and stones.It is one of the best surf, kitesurf and sail spots and you can frquently find naturists there.

- Playa de El Risco is situated in Haría,and has an extension of around 845 meters. The waves are not too strong but there are strong winds.

It offers spectacular views to Chinijo Islands from Yé viewpoint. You can find nudists from time to time.

-Papagayo.  this series of beaches of white sand and smooth water is located in Los Ajaches Narutal Area and is frequently seen as a nudist area. Despite being Papagayo beach the most famous, and "textile", the other beaches have a nudist and textile shared tradition. From time to time you can see nudists in Playa del Pozo and Playa Mujeres, but in Caletón del Congrio and Puerto Muelas they are seen most of the time.

-Playa del Cochino: it's located in Yaiza and is a rock and stone beach, in the Timanfaya Area. It usually has strong waves and wind. This is a place chosen by many nudists, but if you look for a quiet place you should avoid going in rush hours.



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