This week The Day of Museums took place, and from this blog we want to give you some recommendations of the best museums in Lanzarote.

In recent posts we talked about some of the most popular museums in Lanzarote, such as Fundación César Manrique, Museo Atlántico, Monumento al Campesino or Casa José Saramago. We would like to talk about other museums that you can visit if your are coming to Lanzarote for some holidays.

- Museo Etnográfico Tanit:  If you want to know about the history of Lanzarote's local people, you can visit this museum in San Bartolomé de Ajey, one of the first settlements in the island. You can see ancient costumes and tools there. All of this with the presence of Malvasía wine, as there is a winery more than 300 years old.

The installations of the museum are located in one of the first wineries of the island, and you can feel that in the essence of the atmosphere. They are located in a traditional house of 1735 that preserves and exhibits the ethnographic heritage.


-Museum of Piracy is one of the most original museums of the area because of its original theme and the spectacular views from every point of the building. The situation of the Canary Islands in relation with the travel routes to America made them ideal for international piracy. Many of the most famous pirates of the Caribbean made a stop in the Canary Islands and concretely in Lanzarote on their way to America.

 The castle of Santa Bárbara, in the top of Guanapay volcano is the result of many interventions that began in the middle of the 15th century, when it became the defense against pirate attacks. It was used as vigilance system and as a refugee for inhabitants.


The impressing views from Museum of Piracy. Photo web Museo de la Piratería Lanzarote. 


-Wine Museum El Grifo is located in the old wineries built over volcanic lava in 1775 which are an example of traditional arquitechture. There, you can see tools and techniques which are used to obtain wine in the island. There are very interesting pieces from different dates, and you will see how wine was produced.

Another of the atractives of the place is its wine tasting, where you can try sweet Malvasía wine, with its different varieties.

If you are looking for a place to enjoy your holidays, and want something more than sun and beach, Lanzarote offers a wide variety of cultural, sport and nature related plans.



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